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Reduce Stress. Balance Your Energy. Conquer Your Fears.
Live Your Truth. Create Life Satisfaction. Become a
Conscious Creator.

We believe that a person's greatest achievement is to achieve inner peace, which can mean many things to different people, including life satisfaction, financial abundance, a healthy body, loving relationships, your dream career or business, having the opportunity to contribute to worthy causes and more.


This is why we strive to empower you return to your natural state of balance with transformational, relaxation and stress management techniques that address the 'whole body' from the mental/ emotional and physical/energetic perspectives.


We also offer success-driven techniques to empower you become a conscious creator and manifest the life you deserve without having to 'fix' yourself.

There's no need to 'heal' to achieve your desires. You're prefect as you are. Our focus is on neutralizing past pain and turn it into wisdom, as it comes up, and if it comes up during the process of achieving your goals and desires.

When you find your inner zen, you can achieve anything. The life you dream of is possible. 


How do we do this?
  • We work on the mental/emotional bodies with three techniques that have been proven to rewire the brain (neuroplasticity):

  • Rapid Brain Recoding neutralizes past pain and trauma, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fears, insecurities, negative self-talk, resistance to change, etc. that lead to self-sabotage. 

  • Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) facilitate a mind/body awareness that change the focus from the problem to the solution 

  • Meditation reinforces new beliefs and actions to support the new and improved version of you for long-lasting results, as well as enhance intuitive abilities

  • The The GPS Vision™ Program is a success-driven system that empowers you to become a conscious creator and manifestor, regardless of your goals

  • The physical body is treated with Massage &  Craniosacral Therapy 

  • The energetic body is encouraged to return to a balanced state with Reiki & Sound Therapy 


Gaby Pineda, Chief Happiness Officer

Empowering You to "Find Your Inner Zen™"

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"Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have met Gaby. The rapid brain recode was life-changing. I was able to shed some bad habits after just ONE session! After a total of 6 sessions, I felt like I went through a rebirth, without the chaos usually involved in an awakening. Instead, the process was so smooth, graceful and gentle, yet powerful! I almost never wanted the process to end!


Gaby is also very intuitive and can 'read' you and your needs precisely and accurately. It is clear to see that she loves what she does and genuinely wants the best for you. It is an honour to work with her, and to see your life blossom as a result. I highly recommend seeing Gaby :) " – S.M. - Toronto



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We also offer courses and workshops on various platforms (in person and online) to expand your awareness, develop your intuitive abilities, and learn to relax anywhere, anytime.

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Boost Your Self-Confidence
Stop Self-Sabotaging
Get Clarity to Take Action
Balance Your Energy
Neutralize Limiting Beliefs
Regain Your Power
Learn How to Relax
Let go of Fears
Become a Conscious Creator
Develop Your Intuition
Let Your Authentic Self Out

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