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About Us

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Gaby Pineda,

Chief Happiness Officer

Photo credit: @BlairAnnEmbrace

"My goal is to empower you to live your authentic life fearlessly."

-Gaby Pineda

Hello and welcome!

Our mission is to empower my clients to live their authentic life fearlessly.

I am certified in a few  holistic techniques, including RMT, Reik Master, CST, Sound Healing Practitioner, Breatharian Healing, Classical & Conversational Hypnosis, Rapid Brain Recoding, Magnetic Mind Coaching, etc.

I grew up surrounded by dysfunction - I came from a broken family, experienced abandonment, violence, abuse, the effects of mental health and addiction issues in my family, etc.

​Throughout my teens and early adult years, I struggled with dyslexic and OCD tendencies, a stammer, insecurities, lack of self-esteem, a pattern of unsuccessful relationships, and the inability to trust others. The effects of trauma ran deep in my life, affecting my career, relationship, and life choices.

In 2008, after spending almost twenty years in the corporate world, I transitioned into alternative healthcare, which eventually led me to expand her knowledge in energy medicine techniques, hypnosis and rapid brain recoding (neuroplasticity).

My focus on empowerment and mindset retraining was not intentional at the start of my path as a consulting hypnotist, but over time, I realized that more and more of my clients were:


  • Successful women in established careers

  • Experienced anxiety, confidence issues and/or imposter syndrome

  • Had a tendency towards people pleasing and living to fulfill the expectations of others

  • Put themselves last, sacrificing themselves at all costs to satisfy the needs of others


I also learned that you don’t necessarily have to go through traumatic events in order to experience trauma. It’s not what happens to us, but how the events affect us that leaves a scar.

Having gone through my own empowerment journey in 2015, when diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune condition which nearly took my life and stripped me from everything I’d worked for, I was able to overcome it, proving all the ‘experts’ wrong, and got myself back on track. 

Part of the healing process included overcoming limiting beliefs, developing unconditional self-love and acceptance, overcoming the fear of being visible, prioritizing myself, and taking responsibility for nurturing myself and my healing.

I’d tried a variety of therapy options in the past, including psychology, Gestalt, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, EFT, which helped, but failed to bridge the gap between wanting to change and actually changing. Energetically, I knew there had to be a more effective tool and that’s when I came across hypnosis.

Hypnosis was one of the techniques that helped me get my power back, and when I experienced the tremendous results from rapid brain recoding, I knew I wanted to use it to help others find their power.

I love the multi-dimensional approach of Rapid Brain Recoding because it goes into Akashic Records, inner child work, shadow work, and more from a mental, emotional, physical and energetic perspective.

​Today, I combine life experience, my corporate background and expertise in healthcare, hypnosis, relaxation, manifestation, intuition and energy medicine to better understand and address the needs of my clients.

I look forward to empowering you.

Peace, Love, Light & Healing Sound,


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