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Gaby Pineda, Chief Happiness Officer

Empowering You to

"Find Your Inner Zen™"

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"My goal is to facilitate your ability to express the highest expression of your soul. Embark on your unique transformation journey today and start living your truth."

-Gaby Cano

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​Welcome to Find Your Inner Zen, where we empower people, who may feel like a wounded warrior, to 'Find Their Inner Zen' by decreasing pain, transforming emotional pain into wisdom, neutralizing limiting beliefs, reducing stress levels, balancing their energy, conquering their fears and becoming conscious creators. 


You may be someone who  struggles with physical pain, stress, lack of direction, low self-esteem, fears, trust and control issues, who wants to create a life of abundance with purpose and clear vision, as well as an inner sanctuary of self-love, peace, strength, happiness, balance and gratitude.

Gaby Pineda (Cano)  has a BA in Communications from the University of Windsor, post-grad diplomas in Special Event Management and Marketing from Humber College, and various other certifications and trainings, including RMT, Reiki Master & Instructor, CST (Upledger), Certified Consulting Hypnotist (National Guild of Hypnotists) and trained with Irina Benoit at Lasting Change Hypnosis, Certified Conversational Hypnotist with the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotists, and trained with Irina Benoit (under Igor Ledochowski), Sound Healing Practitioner (Darren Austin Hall), Certified Magnetic Mind Coach (Chris Duncan), Manifesting and Intuition Facilitator, and more.

One of her earliest mentors was a great aunt, who was a Ph.D. in Physics (A.I.), psychic, and a remote viewing trainer with the US military.

She's also a psychic medium and medical intuitive, an entrepreneur, mentor and author.

Gaby grew up surrounded by dysfunction - she came from a broken family, experienced abandonment, violence, abuse, the effects of mental health and addiction issues in her family, etc.

Throughout her teens and early adult years, she struggled with dyslexic and OCD tendencies, a stammer, insecurities, lack of self-esteem, a pattern of unsuccessful relationships, and the inability to trust others. 


In 2008, after spending almost twenty years in the corporate world, she transitioned into alternative healthcare, which eventually led her to expand her knowledge in energy medicine techniques, hypnosis and rapid brain recoding (neuroplasticity).


In 2015, she went through a debilitating illness that nearly took her life, but she beat the odds.


She was able to overcome the effects of her past with determination, a lot of help from various types of therapies, conventional, naturopathic and homeopathic medicine, self-help resources, introspection and hard work.

Today, she combines her life experience, corporate background and expertise in healthcare, hypnosis, relaxation, manifestation, intuition and energy medicine,  as well as expertise from a network of holistic practitioners, to better understand and address the needs of our clients.

Gaby is happily married to her childhood sweetheart, retired MLB pitcher, Gabriel Pineda. They live in Toronto with their dog and cat; and she's currently working on her next books.

One of her favourite quotes is, "The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people are willing to do everything that unsuccessful people aren't willing to do"  by Paul DeJoria one of the founders of Paul Mitchell. 


Gaby and Gabriel live by this philosophy and believe that if you do the work, you have the power to change your life, no matter what age or stage in your life.


Let us help you get there.



"It was a joy to speak to Gaby. She instantly made me feel comfortable and tapped into my biggest issues first. It was health for me. I am definitely going to take her advice on this subject.  


I read oracle cards every morning for myself, and I found it so interesting that the personal transformation that I have been going through and that the oracle cards have lead me to, is Self Trust and Self Care and being able to RECEIVE from others.  

Gaby picked up on these issues and gave me useful direction that was very empowering.


I realized that I am able to tap into my higher self and guides on my own through my cards...


Thank you Gaby,  for the awareness that I need to step into my own power." - Lori

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Find Your Inner Zen

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