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Important Notice:

Find Your Inner Zen will cease operations effective March 18, 2023 due to a relocation. If you would like to be referred to a RMT nearby, please send us an email at

The booking button will become inactive after March 17th.

It's been a pleasure serving you over the years.

Find Your Inner Zen

Welcome to the Bookings Page


Please be aware that if you want to be able to make any changes to your bookings, you'll have to become a member of this site. To do so, simply click on the "Log-In" button above and you'll have the option to become a member through your existing social media accounts or via e-mail. You can then book your service.


UPDATE for Massage Therapy and Other In-Person Services: 

** You must fill out this PRE-SCREEN QUESTIONNAIRE and submit before each appointment to ensure you meet the pre-screening guidelines for treatment as specified by the Ministry of Health.  


You have a choice of whether to wear a mask or not during your appointment. If you feel more comfortable with the therapist wearing a mask, please let us know.

Please be aware that if you've had a vaccine recently, we would prefer that you wait until the injection site has healed completely and there is no pain before you book your massage treatment.

** If you're a NEW Massage Therapy client, please fill out the following HEALTH HISTORY FORM and CONSENT FOR TREATMENT FORM and submit prior to your appointment to or bring them with you on the day of your appointment.

If you have a low back discomfort or pain, sciatic nerve related pain or for some reason require treatment in any sensitive area, such as buttocks, chest, inner thigh, or another area that you may consider 'sensitive' you must fill out this CONSENT FOR TREATMENT OF SENSITIVE AREAS FORM prior to your appointment and submit to

**Do not arrive early for your appointment. If you do, please be patient. The time between treatments is used to process payments and sanitize all surfaces between clients.

* Please note that we have a 24-hour cancellation policy; however, if you have a fever or symptoms of an active infection of any kind (regardless of the stage or type of infection ie. tooth infection, toe nails, skin, etc.), especially cold/flu symptoms, cough, runny nose, chest congestion, etc., please re-schedule your appointment. There's no such thing as "just coming out of a cold or the tail end of a cold".  Any symptoms are a valid reason for re-scheduling and you will NOT be charged for late cancellation.


Prices are in CDN funds and include HST. Methods of Payment:  direct billing (for RMT services only ) cash, debit (Square), credit card (Square),  e-transfer.

Stay safe. Peace, Love, Light & Healing Sound.

Our Services

Rapid Brain Recoding, Meditation, NLP, manifesting, Magnetic Mind Coach, overcoming limiting beliefs, find a life coach, intuition coaching, hypnosis, Reiki,  hypnotherapy service, 

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