Have you ever wondered if you could meditate? Are you a Type-A, highly driven, go-go-go personality? Do you find it hard to relax? Do you want to learn how to use the power of your breath for releasing stress, worry, emotions, negative self-talk, and limiting beliefs and relax? Would you like to take your meditation practice to the next level?

The Breath and Meditation Workshop includes:
  • The Breath and Meditation Handout

  • Access to The  Breath and Meditation Training Video 

  • Access to The Guided Meditation Library 

  • Ticket to a Free Sample Rapid Brain Recoding/Hypnosis Session to experience relaxation at higher level and neutralize any restrictions that try to get in the way of your ability to relax


Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing and Meditation
  • ​awesome stress management technique

  • Improves the quality and duration of sleep

  • lowers heart rate and blood pressure

  • releases carbon dioxide from the body

  • stimulates the nervous system and lowers cortisol levels, which in turn enhances our ability to relax and by relaxing, we improve immune function and reduce the rate of aging, as well as improve endocrine and metabolism function

  • increases the oxygen we take in, which affects all functions in our body, including blood oxygenation, especially into the brain for more clarity and focus

  • reduces pain (Lamaze classes incorporate diaphragmatic breathing techniques)

  • helps strengthen abdominal (core) muscles

  • rewires the brain (trance) (Dr. Joe Dispenza has done much research on this)

  • makes you feel good

  • increases mind-body awareness

  • increased intuition, by clearing the mind, you allow divine downloads to come through more easily and you’re able to pay attention to them

  • increased overall awareness

  • reduces feelings of sadness and worry

  • increases a sense of inner peace and zensation

  • cleanses, balances and refreshes the energetic field

  • develops your awareness to your connection to the Source, Divine guidance and your Higher Self

  • you can do it anywhere

  • free




About the Facilitator


Gaby Pineda is a Certified Conversational Hypnotist, gifted psychic medium, medical intuitive, intuition and manifestation facilitator, author and entrepreneur, who’s been aware of her psychic and manifestation abilities as far as she can remember.


As a child, she often saw events before they occurred in dreams or as holographic flash-like movies in front of her. She also became aware of how easily she could manifest anything she wanted into her life very early on.

She has practiced yoga and meditation since the age of three, when she started following her grandmother's every move during her early morning practice of walking, yoga and meditation.

One of her mentors early in life, was a great-aunt, whom was not just psychic, but also a Ph.D in physics (A.I.), and taught her the science behind energy, energy medicine and psychic abilities.


Gaby has a BA in Communications from the University of Windsor, post-grad diplomas in Special Event Management and Marketing from Humber College, and various other certifications and trainings, including Reiki Master, Classical and Conversational Hypnosis and Rapid Brain Recoding.

Gaby grew up surrounded by dysfunction - she came from a broken family, experienced abandonment, violence, abuse, the effects of mental health and addiction issues in her family, etc.


Throughout her teens and early adult years, she struggled with dyslexic and OCD tendencies, a stammer, insecurities, lack of self-esteem, a pattern of unsuccessful relationships, and the inability to trust others. 


In 2008, after spending almost twenty years in the corporate world, she transitioned into alternative healthcare, which eventually led her to expand her knowledge in energy medicine techniques, hypnosis and rapid brain recoding (neuroplasticity).


​In 2015, she went through a debilitating illness that nearly took her life, but she beat the odds and she credits this to her intuitive and manifestation abilities.


She combines her life experience, corporate background and expertise in healthcare, hypnosis, meditation, Qi Gong, relaxation techniques, manifestation, intuition and energy medicine, as well as expertise from a network of holistic practitioners, to better understand and address the needs of her clients.

*For more details on the benefits of Hypnosis and Rapid Brain Recoding for enhancing relaxation, please click here

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