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  • How To Become A Manifesting Powerhouse - Online Group Program

  • How To Become A Manifesting Powerhouse - Online Self-Directed Program

  • Healing The Inner Child Online Group Program

  • Self-Empowerment Program Online Group Program

  • Rocking Solopreneurial Confidence Online Group Program

  • Smoking Cessation - Online Group Program

  • Healthy Body - Online Group Program

  • Boosting Sales Performance the Heart-Centered Way Online Group Program

  • Navigating Through An Awakening Workshop

  • Breath & Meditation Workshop

  • Mindfulness Workshop

  • Activate Your Intuition Workshop

  • Seeing Auras Workshop

  • Energy Medicine Workshop (Coming Soon)

  • Telekinesis Workshop (Coming Soon)

  • Taking The 'Ouch' Out of Touch - Massage for Couples Live Workshop (Coming Soon)

  • Baby Massage for New Parents Live Workshop (Coming Soon)

What People Are Saying:

"Gaby is an exceptional, energetic and engaging presenter. Her life examples and sharing of personal experiences enhances her workshop and teachings." - Darlene (Brampton, ON)

"Gaby was able consume a vast amount of information around so many different "healing arts" and explain them in a really fun and approachable way that has allowed me to explore these methods with a more open mind and heart. This course was a "healing art sampler" for me. I now understand how and why music saved me during my darkest moments. Absolutely fascinating!! I recommend this to anyone who may have questions and is curious about their energy and what to do as it starts to diminish. You, don't wait until you have a health issue."  - Lynda (Toronto, ON)

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*Brain Recoding, Meditation, NLP, manifesting your dreams, Magnetic Mind Coach Training, overcoming limiting beliefs