Ready to Neutralize The Negative Beliefs, Self-talk, Emotions & Other Triggers That Are Holding You Back from a Healthy Lifestyle?

Ready to Empower Yourself & Be In Control of Your Life? 

Welcome to The Healthy Body GPS Vision™ Program - Self-Directed Learning

How does this program differ from the other GPS Vision™ Programs?  How could this program empower you to stay focused on the steps you need to take to have a healthy body?

To start, Hypnosis and Rapid Brain Recoding, which are used in The

GPS Vision Program, are techniques that are highly effective in empowering people like you to eliminate the negative self-talk, beliefs, past programming, self-sabotage, neutralize food triggers (cravings), and lack of motivation to develop healthier lifestyle habits (about 30 times more effective than other weight loss methods).

However, when people embark on a health journey (weight loss, nutrition, exercise, strengthening, healing, etc.), many fears  can arise because they think they may be unable to stick to consistent actions that will bring them closer to their goals, due to stress, manage their emotions, etc.

Also, when people have been unable to break a habit that doesn't serve them, there may be other areas of their lives which also need attention or where they may also feel out of control, for example finances, relationships, etc.

This is where The Healthy Body GPS Vision Program empowers you to develop an action plan for the way you want your body and life to look like from the moment you make the decision to embark on a health journey.

Our philosophy is also that there is no need to 'fix' or 'heal' yourself, only focus on your goals and neutralize anything that tries to get in the way of that, as the triggers come up, if they come up.​

With The Healthy Body GPS Vision Program, you will not just learn the tools and develop the skills to re-wire your brain to embrace new habits that are healthier and serve you in the process of achieving your goals, but it empowers you to remain consistent with effective actions to avoid self-sabotage. The GPS Vision™ Program provides the structure that allows you to define your goals, while dissolving anything that tries to get in the way.

The end result is an empowered, fully in control, unapologetic, authentic version of YOU with the skills, the knowledge, awareness and wisdom to defuse any restrictions or triggers that try to deter you from living the life you deserve.


Health, success, abundance, love, and everything you desire are your divine right. Learn how to achieve your goals and dreams by neutralizing limiting beliefs, thoughts, past pain and trauma, emotions, self-sabotaging behaviors and other factors that may be holding you back from being your empowered self and move forward, with a step-by-step, solution-focused and proven method for creating powerful lasting change that keeps you focused on your goals.


​BONUS: This program also empowers you in other areas of your life: love and healthy relationships, the career of your dreams, financial abundance, spiritual development, contribution, etc., The Healthy Body GPS Vision™ Program keeps you on track and teaches you to remove resistance along the way, so you can get to the finish line. 


In This Healthy Body Program, You’ll Learn:

  • Ten Steps to Becoming a Conscious Creator and Manifesting Powerhouse

  • How The GPS Vision™ Program keeps you focused by creating structure and maintaining tension towards the end results and prevents self-sabotage, regardless of your goal(s)

  • How Rapid Brain Recoding, Hypnosis and Meditation neutralize restrictions (food triggers and cravings, limiting beliefs, fears, emotions, past pain & trauma, negative self-talk, and other triggers) as they come up and re-wire your brain to create new behaviours with long-lasting results

  • Manifesting 101: The Importance of Goal Setting

  • The GPS Vision™ Program – Transforming the Vision into Results

  • Bonuses


What's Included?
  • The Healthy Body GPS Vision™ Program Workbook

  • Access to The Health Body GPS Vision™ Program Training Video to help you establish goals and keep you on track 

  • Access to pre-recorded online brain recoding/hypnosis sessions, including specific sessions for keeping you focused in your health journey, and neutralizing food cravings or triggers for unhealthy food choices

  • Access to "Stay On Track" online sessions 

  • Access to Meditation Library

  • We recommend that you participate in at least 1 session/week of "Stay On Track" sessions and 1 session/week of brain recoding/hypnosis for best results

  • Minimum 12-month commitment

  • Non-transferrable

  • Renewable


​Benefits of Rapid Brain Recoding Sessions

  • talk-less therapy

  • confidential 

  • effective 

  • safe

  • painless

  • gentle

  • transformative

  • powerful

  • results-focused

  • based on neuroscience

  • measurable & lasting results

  • skills to neutralize triggers and resistance

  • self-confidence & empowerment

  • increased awareness

  • increased intuition

  • affordable

What Are Other Positive Side-effects of The Healthy Body GPs Vision™ Program?
  • overcome fears like flying, driving, being visible, social situations, asking for a raise or promotion, being assertive, animals, enclosed spaces, etc.

  • improve sales performance

  • become a better and more confident communicator, speaker & presenter 

  • improve sports performance

  • neutralize negative emotions (grief, resentment, anger, fear, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy, worry, blame, revenge, etc.)

  • stop bad habits (nail biting, fidgeting, procrastination, inaction, etc.)

  • manage stress, anxiety & worry

  • stop smoking

  • overcome the effects of past pain & trauma

  • bridge your ability to forgive

  • get out of 'victim' mode and into 'empowered' mode

  • ​​relax anywhere/anytime

  • enhance the quality of your sleep

  • raise self-esteem/confidence

  • be a better communicator

  • remove speech stammers

  • improve memory & concentration

  • decrease headaches & pain

  • eliminate writer's block

  • end negative thinking patterns & self-judgement, self-criticism

  • regain control of your life

  • develop a sense of inner peace

  • enhance intuition & manifestation abilities 

About the Facilitator


Gaby Pineda is a Certified Conversational Hypnotist, gifted psychic medium, medical intuitive, intuition and manifestation facilitator, author and entrepreneur, who’s been aware of her psychic and manifestation abilities as far as she can remember.


As a child, she often saw events before they occurred in dreams or as holographic flash-like movies in front of her. She also became aware of how easily she could manifest anything she wanted into her life very early on.

One of her mentors early in life, was a great-aunt, whom was not just psychic, but also a Ph.D in physics (A.I.), and taught her the science behind energy, energy medicine and psychic abilities.


Gaby has a BA in Communications from the University of Windsor, post-grad diplomas in Special Event Management and Marketing from Humber College, and various other certifications and trainings, including Reiki Master, Classical and Conversational Hypnosis and Rapid Brain Recoding.

Gaby grew up surrounded by dysfunction - she came from a broken family, experienced abandonment, violence, abuse, the effects of mental health and addiction issues in her family, etc.


Throughout her teens and early adult years, she struggled with dyslexic and OCD tendencies, a stammer, insecurities, lack of self-esteem, a pattern of unsuccessful relationships, and the inability to trust others. 


In 2008, after spending almost twenty years in the corporate world, she transitioned into alternative healthcare, which eventually led her to expand her knowledge in energy medicine techniques, hypnosis and rapid brain recoding (neuroplasticity).


​In 2015, she went through a debilitating illness that nearly took her life, but she beat the odds and she credits this to her intuitive and manifestation abilities.


She combines her life experience, corporate background and expertise in healthcare, hypnosis, meditation, relaxation, manifestation, intuition and energy medicine, as well as expertise from a network of holistic practitioners, to better understand and address the needs of her clients.

*Please note that we recommend to enroll in a weight loss or nutrition & exercise program, so you educate yourself on the right food choices, portions and exercises for you.

*For more details on the benefits of Hypnosis and Rapid Brain Recoding, please click here

​* Once you sign-up for the program, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail, The GPS Vision™ Program Workbook, and access to the the "Stay On Track" and Rapid Brain Recoding pre-recoded sessions, as well as the Meditation Library.

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What our clients are saying:

"Where do I begin? Before I met Gaby, I was always second-guessing myself, the decisions I make, questioning my future and my career path. My days were typically filled with anxiety, fear of the future and 'what if's'. Now, I know my self-worth, what I'm truly capable of, and simply trust myself. I'm more aware of where I'm putting my energy energy into and  ensure that the energy I release is being put into more positive things - things that are now in my control. I am now going on with my days with no anxiety, more confident in myself and know what I am capable of. Truly life changing" - C.M. (Toronto)

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