Activate Your Intuition™

Ever wonder how to bring your intuition to the next level?

Join us for this fun, relaxing and experiential workshop where we'll use self-hypnosis to help you expand your intuitive abilities.

​Hypnosis helps us access the limitless possibilities of the unconscious mind, including our ability to be more in-tune with our higher self.

The Activate Your Intuition Workshop Includes:

  • What  is intuition?

  • The 2nd Brain

  • The basics of Superpowers - The 'Clairs'

  • Superpowers 2.0

  • How to continue expanding your abilities

  • Identifying, understanding and respecting your unique gifts

  • Everyday life applications for intuition

  • Building a life of connection

  • Protecting your energy and revitalizing it

  • Let the Magic happen

  • How hypnosis and Rapid Brain Recoding work in relation to the 'Higher Self'

  • Sample Hypnosis/Rapid Brain Recode Session to ignite your intuition



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