Massage for Couples -

Taking the "Ouch" Out of "Touch"™

During this fun and experiential workshop, you'll learn:
  • The effects of massage on the body

  • How couples massage can help your relationship

  • Improve communication

  • How not to massage

  • Basic and gentle massage techniques for couples (foot massage, hand massage, back massage)

  • Massage products

  • Pressure, flow, speed, sensitivity, intent

  • To massage or not to massage?

Who is the ideal person for this workshop?
  • Couples who want to bring their relationship to another level

Important: Please note that Registered Massage Therapists in Ontario undergo a 2200-hour training program in order to qualify for certification exams and this class does not qualify you to  become a massage therapist nor to massage others except your partner, nor charge for a treatment, nor teach massage therapy or techniques to others. You will not receive a certificate of attendance for this workshop. This workshop is strictly meant to improve your personal technique with your partner.

  • 2 hours

$150 pp

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