Navigating Through An Awakening

The Awakening Process isn't easy, and once it starts, there's no going back; but it's worth stepping into it. It will require shedding the past, like a butterfly undergoing a metamorphosis, so you may become the essence of what we were meant to be all along.

Awakening means becoming aware that there is more to us than what we see. Awakening surrenders us to oneness. It is not a competition, but rather a unique journey, during which magic happens.

Along the process, we leave behind preconceived notions, beliefs and old habits, like layers of old clothing that weigh us down, so we may become empowered and free, as we  discover the true essence and purpose of our being.

It requires us to learn new patterns, become friends with change and the art of detachment, self-love, the beauty of non-duality and self-discovery.

The awakening process can be slow or it can hit you like a brick. It may be that you need to transform pain from trauma, a specific condition, self-sabotage or anger into fuel for becoming a new and improved version of you, or remembering what your true purpose is.


The beauty of it is that you don't need to 'heal' or fix yourself because you're perfect as you are. 

Being able to navigate through an awakening is not eliminating what happened in the past, but rather, leaving it behind, dissolving it, neutralizing it in a way that it doesn’t affect our present or future negatively. Rather than being a weight, it becomes wisdom that lifts you like a balloon. It means returning to your sacred self, and remembering who you are at your essence.

This type of transformation neutralizes any emotions and memories associated with the original trauma or event, so you can become self-empowered, move forward with ease, inner peace, wisdom, gratitude, and a compass for navigating through the future and achieving your goals without the interference of self-sabotage or negative emotions.

This transformation will shine a light on your ability to live your truth.

Does that sound like something you’d like to experience?

​'Navigating Through The Awakening Process' will empower you to navigate through your unique transformation journey with a step-by-step action plan to discover your truth, purpose, and embrace new opportunities with tools to deal with challenges along the way to achieving your goals.

Are you ready to step into the cocoon?

During this experiential workshop, you'll learn:

  • Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

  • Taking responsibility for Your Transformation Journey

  • What does being an Empath, Indigo, Crystal, Lightworker, Starseed, etc. mean?

  • The advantages of being a a being of light

  • A Superhero's Achilles Heel

  • Why you need to start and surrender into your transformation journey

  • The importance of commitment

  • Identifying and understanding your purpose

  • Identifying, understanding and respecting your gifts

  • Detachment and surrendering

  • Understand one of our most fundamental human needs

  • Victim Mode vs. Warrior Mode

  • The importance of self-love

  • Recognizing self-imposed limitations and barriers (limiting beliefs & resistance)

  • Eliminating limiting beliefs & dealing with resistance

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

  • The importance of forgiveness

  • How to avoid becoming a spiritual snob

  • Defining success & establishing goals

  • Therapy options (mental/emotional and physical/energetic)

  • Self-help resources

  • How to use your emotions as a guidance vs. a coping system

  • Establish a support team

  • Creating a supportive environment at home and elsewhere

  • The importance of gratitude

  • Develop your action plan 

  • Taking action

  • Accountability and Celebration


Who is the ideal person for this workshop?

  • Flexible, coachable people

  • Anyone undergoing an awakening process

  • Indigos, crystals, starseeds, lightworkers, etc.

  • Empaths who want to identify and understand their life purpose and transform from 'empath' to 'empowered'

  • Anyone fully committed to begin their transformation journey 

  • People who want to overcome the effects of the past and create a sanctuary of self-love and trust, filled with inner peace, strength, happiness, balance  and gratitude, so they may reclaim their lives and transform themselves from 'survival' mode to 'success' mode

  • A full day​​

$350 pp

To Register

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"I recently met Gaby at a psychic fair... What is truly unique about Gaby is that not only can she tap into you energetically, and let you know what is happening, she is also very generous with her teachings on things you can do to help yourself. She wants the best for you and for your success.

As hard as it was to hear the messages in my first reading, it changed my life and my practice significantly.  


She is very gifted and a kind gentle spirit, who I highly recommend." 

Terry Swan, Traditional Healer

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