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  • Reiki Level I

    The Art of Energy Healing
    • What is Reiki?
    • History of Reiki
    • Benefits of Reiki & Research
    • Reiki Levels & Attunements
    • The Ethics of Reiki
    • The Reiki Principles: the Foundation of Reiki
    • Effective Tools for Managing Your Emotional Triggers
    • The Energetic Body & Using Dowsing Rods
    • Auras, Aura Color Meanings & How To See, Feel and Read Auras
    • The Chakra System & Crystals for Each
    • Reiki Level I Treatment Protocols (Table, Chair, Self)
    • Other Applications of Reiki
    • Healing Reactions
    • Healing, Cleansing & Protection for Your Energetic Body
    • Basic Anatomy of The Human Body
    • Includes a printed copy of the training manual
    • Only 4 participants per class
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