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Meditation Can Help You Achieve The 'Impossible'

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

The link between energy, the subconscious mind and our ability to affect matter

I was first exposed to the idea of energy at the age of eighteen by a great-aunt, who was a psychic medium and had a Ph.D in physics, specifically, artificial intelligence (A.I.). She lived in Michigan at the time and worked for the US Government.

She taught me how to do energy healing, and explained to me she'd healed herself from serious illness with energy.

Unfortunately, I was too immature at the time to truly appreciate the teachings that she'd shared with me, but the Universe proved to me that it was my destiny.

Years later, I had left the corporate world, transitioned into healthcare and was eventually led to taking my first Reiki course in 2009, and my development in the field of energy work began to deepen and take shape.

It all started one evening as I was finishing up a treatment with a client affected by Multiple Sclerosis. I always included Reiki in her treatment, even though I didn't specify what I did, which specifically, was to place an energy bubble on one of her ankles to help prevent it from contracting throughout the week. I didn't really know if it would work, but the intention was there.

That evening, I was tired and didn't feel like doing Reiki. I figured since she didn't really 'know' about the bubble, she wouldn't notice, so I proceeded to wrap-up the treatment, when she said, " forgot something. Are you going to do the bubble on me?"

I froze. "You know about that?"

"Yes. You're the only therapist to ever do that. I feel it all the way home and in between treatments, and it stops my ankle from cramping."

I was shocked. However, I wanted more physical proof that I could affect matter with energy. Feedback from clients simply wasn't enough. Yes. I was a skeptic, even with my gifts.

I called my Reiki Masters and told them I wanted more proof. So they invited me to take a spoon-bending class with them.

"A spoon-bending class?"

"Yes. You'll see." They said.

The class would be three hours long, so I decided to bring a friend with me for support, who was even more skeptic, Robert, and I.T. Engineer.

At the start of the class, my Reiki Masters, Bob and Theresa Thomas, from Mindful Matters, asked our group of about eight people, to bend the metal spoons in front of us. Each of us took a spoon and proceeded to follow the instructions. None of us could bend the metals spoons.

Bob and Theresa went into detail as to what energy is, the actual distance between atoms, that everything is energy, how it works, etc. and we proceeded to watch a couple of Hollywood movies showing examples of what can be done with energy (Star Wars and The Matrix).

Then we meditated for two hours. My monkey brain hadn't managed to meditate prior to that for more than twenty minutes, let alone two hours!

At the two-hour mark, I raised my hand and politely expressed that I was a type-A personality and had attended the workshop to bend spoons, so I wondered when we were going to get to that.

"This is part of it. We have to clear your conscious mind and access your subconscious mind before you can achieve what may seem impossible."

I was intrigued, "Really, for TWO hours?"

"Yes, without it, you wouldn't be able to do it, as we proved to you at the start of the class."

My curiosity intensified, so I closed my eyes again and continued following their guidance. The good thing is that I am coachable.

The meditation portion was completed and they reminded us that everything is space, nothing is actually solid. "Remember, there is no spoon", Bob reinforced. He then instructed us to bend the spoons with energy. All of us were able to bend them, except my friend, Robert. I bent mine as easy as butter, and it bent like an accordion.

"Remember, there is NO spoon. It's just space", I reminded him. He took a moment to focus again and finally bent it. The look of shock on his face was priceless.

I can still bend spoons today and with much less effort, however, I've made meditation a daily habit. I like to do it first thing in the morning, as it sets the tone for my day.

That class was probably the best investment I've ever made because it opened my eyes to everything that is 'possible'.

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