What Are Your Super Powers?

I get asked by clients, who are empaths and/or intuitives, how they can find out what their ‘gifts’ are when they first become aware that they’re more sensitive to energy than they were in the past, or when they’ve finally accepted that their gifts, though repressed for some time, will not go away and they may as well accept them and use them to help themselves and/or others.

First and foremost, know that whether you are aware of your sensitivity to energy or not, you’re an energetic being (without exception), but not everyone feels energy the same way.

It may also help you to know that a great majority of people are aware of their extra-sensory perception, but don’t talk about it out of fear of being judged. Even after meeting people with similar abilities, they may be reluctant to say anything out of fear. The common phrase I hear from them is, “I don’t want to be looked at or considered a ‘fortune-teller’ or lose respect from my peers or family if I come out”.

You're not alone. Remote viewers who've worked for the military in many countries have been judged by their peers, but if this wasn't 'real' it wouldn't be used for military purposes, and anyone who disputes 'paranormal' abilities should look into quantum physics. My first mentor was a great-aunt, who was a Ph.D in physics (A.I.) and psychic, and worked on top secret projects (remote viewing among others) for the US Government.

The most important achievement in your life will be to live your truth and find inner peace. Doing anything else will only bring you a life of unhappiness, feeling like an impostor and eventually cause you to come crashing down to meet the rest of us on the ‘spiritual’ playing field.

Please know that it will be OK no matter how you get to the playing field. There are more of us out there than you think, including people in the financial industry, medicine, academia, lawyers, biochemists, engineering, economists, etc.

Also, people will judge you no matter what, so they may as well judge you for being authentic.

The Five Senses and Our Super Powers

There are many tools or avenues by which we can perceive energy, starting with our five physical senses: taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight.

Our senses become heightened during our awakening process and for some, they may have been hypersensitive all along. They act as antennas for our physical body that seem to go through a tuning process and boom! Suddenly, we perceive way more than we ever wanted to perceive.

We’re then left with 'extra-sensory perception' (ESP), often referred to as ‘paranormal abilities’, ‘gifts’ or ‘clairs’. These ‘gifts’ get grouped under a general term, ‘clairvoyance’, which derives from the French words, “clair” = clear, and “voyance” = vision. Each of the main ‘clairs’ is closely connected with our five senses, but not all.

You could think of it this way, through your senses, your vision is extended, if you will.

The following are the main ‘clairs’, which can vary in intensity from person to person:

· Clairsentience (touch) – the ability to feel the energies of objects, animals, plants, people, and spaces around them, which, when you haven’t learned how to manage the information coming in, can throw you off in terms of mood, emotions, thoughts, and energetically because you haven’t identified the source of the information, so you assume it’s coming from you.

Most empaths are clairsentients, but not all feel the same energy or with the same intensity.

The practice of psychometry can fall into this category, where the reader (intuitive) can pick-up information from objects they touch or eat, for example, I can sense the energy that went into making food, whether it was rushed or made with love. I can also feel the suffering that an animal went through when they were killed, whenever I eat meat.

You may also feel or sense other people's symptoms, which fall into medical intuition. You may just sense what happened to the subject, for example, an accident or injury, you may sense symptoms of dis-ease either present or past or future, but you may also experience their symptoms yourself, like I do.

This can be quite unnerving and difficult, especially with trauma, but you can learn to disconnect, so you only feel a glimpse of what they experience(d) vs. having to go through it yourself fully and completely.

Feeling the energy of a space or city can also throw you off, as they can feel the energy as positive or negative or dense. Cities where there's a lot of poverty and despair will also have a totally different resonance about them than cities with economic booms, vibrancy, technological advancements and social programs for their inhabitants. You can also visit a new city and feel at 'home' in it, likely because it was indeed 'home' in a past life or in an alternate parallel.

· Clairgustance (taste) – the ability to taste a particular food or taste in your mouth as a sign from a spirit to validate their presence or as a clue as to the information the ‘client’ is searching for.

· Clairolfactance (smell)– the ability to perceive smells or scents from spirits for example the smell of roses when there are no roses in a room, or the smell of perfume when no one is wearing perfume and especially, when no one else present smells that particular scent.

· Clairvoyance (seeing) – a person who can ‘see’ past (post-cognition), present or future (pre-congnition). Clairvoyance can happen in a conscious state or during sleep. The person may dream about future events, including the people involved, circumstances, details, etc. They may also see the past, present or future as flashes of images or a holographic high-speed movie in front of them or in their head, before it happens or afterwards.

When clairvoyants see the past, it can go beyond this lifetime (past lives), some have clear memories of their past lives as well. Again, as flashes in front of them or holographic memories, déjà vu or just memories.

· Clairaudience (hearing) – the ability to communicate with your higher self, guides, spirits or other beings. The means of communication can vary; for some, the communication is in thought pattern (telepathy), questions are asked and the answers come in our head. Others can actually hear the spirits.

The communication isn't always clear, like a conversation between two live humans, but rather specific questions with specific answers, to the point, and with signs to validate their presence.

Also, some intuitives can see spirits or other beings, some only feel them, which has an advantage because spirits can hide when you are able to see them.

· Claircognizance – the ability to have a ‘knowing’ of information without having prior exposure to it. You just ‘know’ and when you research the information or it’s presented to you, it only confirms what you already knew.

Some people have one of these gifts, others can have a few and others have all and more. No one is truly the same.

Also, some people will call them clairs, others will have other names for them. Please don't get caught up on the 'label'.

Which of the above can you identify and to what level on a scale of 1 to 10?

It’s also important to note that from my experience having met hundreds of intuitives throughout my life, the personality of the reader, their emotional state and overall outlook of life, will affect the way they perceive information coming in; for example, if an intuitive tends to focus on the negative aspects of events or people, most of the information they pick-up from others will tend to be negative. This is because the reader's own vibrational resonance will match with similar resonance from the subject.

This is the reason I really promote cleansing and self-development work, so that your perception of the world and the energy you pick-up around you is more ‘neutral’.

I’ve tested this observation by asking two different readers with opposing outlooks on life to read the same subject, and the information they picked-up about the subject was accurate, but completely opposite and directly in line with their overall perspectives about life.

The reader with a positive outlook picked-up on the positive energy of the subject and the other reader picked-up only the negative.

This makes sense if you think about the fact that our energy also entangles with the client’s or subject’s energy, so the more balanced and neutral we are, the more objective our readings will be.

Do you always have to feel or read other energy?

No. You can turn it off by learning how to manage your own energy and protect your energetic field because being 'on' all the time is extremely draining.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this blog for more information on other psychic abilities, how to develop them, and learn to manage your energy and emotions.

Gaby Cano is a Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master and Instructor, Certified Conversational Hypnotist, Sound Healing Practitioner, Certified Magnetic Mind Coach (Brain Recoding), intuition coach and author based in Toronto, Canada. She can be reached through her website: www.findyourinnerzen.ca Instagram: @superherohealing Facebook: @psychicmediumgaby

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