What Are Your Superpowers? 2.0

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

In my previous blog entry, we talked about the principal gifts based on the five senses, plus one more:

1. clairvoyance (sight)

2. clairsentience (touch) – most empaths

3. clairgustance (taste)

4. clairolfaction (smell)

5. clairaudience (hearing)

6. claircognizance (knowing)

Although these are the main ways in which we perceive energy, I’m going to list other psychic or extra sensory abilities that go beyond what we can normally sense with our physical senses, but by no means are these the extent of what’s possible in the energetic world:

· Seeing Auras and Aura Readings (part of clairsentience and clairvoyance) – when a person can see an aura, they may see a transparent haze around a person, animal, plant, or object, or they may see a transparent hue of colour around them, and sometimes several colours.

Before I realized that I could see auras, I thought it was my astigmatism, until I noticed that I could see them even with my glasses on.

When a person can ‘read’ auras, it means that they can tap into energetic fields (person, animal or object) without having to touch them and sense information about their past, present or future.

However, you don't have to 'see' an aura to read it. I like to close my eyes when I read auras and simply hold my hands up towards the person to sense their energetic field and read it that way.

When we see an aura, it can be either as a clear transparent haze, or perhaps whitish, greyish, light blue or other colours (green, red, purple, orange, yellow, brown and even black) and in varying intensities and shades of colour. Others can see the entire auric field.

However, others may also see the chakra systems, meridians, sacred geometry, and even see deeper into physiological systems, like a holographic image of your insides, all the way to the cellular level, what is often referred to as x-ray vision. The amazing and beautiful, Charlotte Szivak, possesses x-ray vision, among many other gifts.

Regardless of how the energy fields are perceived, people who can see and read auras are able to tap into them and obtain information from them.

When tapping into the energetic field, it can feel dense or lighter, it can also move around a lot or be stagnant or still, the colours may also be still or in motion, the aura can feel hard to penetrate or easy to get through, and layers of the energy may also be felt.

Some readers will take photographs of auras and some will draw them as they see them. The wonderful and talented, Teressa Joubert, is one such aura reader. She’s also a psychic medium and medical intuitive.

· Teleportation - the ability to transport from one place to another without the use of mechanical means, similarly to the way we’re used to seeing in the Star Trek series, except people who can teleport, don’t need machines to do it.

· Bilocation - the ability to ‘be’ in two locations at the same time, which would confuse people who may see you at home, while at the same time in another location, even another part of the world.

· Energy Medicine - the ability to channel universal energy to help balance the client’s energy (person, animal, plant, water, anything really).

The person channeling energy is actually a facilitator, who channels universal energy onto the etheric, astral, mental, and physical body of the client to help balance the client’s energy, but it is the client’s own body (mental, emotional, physical and energetic) that heals itself.

There are countless techniques of energy medicine around the world and many have developed certain protocols for them, but what’s important to note is that the most important factor of energy medicine is intention, and not codes or symbols, but intention and the client’s own willingness to accept that anything is possible. In other words, ‘intention’ and ‘belief’ are what make balancing energy possible.

I knew a woman years ago, a family friend with end-stage terminal cancer, who was told by her oncologist to go home and put her affairs in order because there was nothing more that they could do for her at the cancer centre. The cancer had spread to her brain and major organs.

She did as she was told. She went home, called her kids and family, said her good-byes, got her affairs in order and waited.

Her oncologist called her in again to run some tests after her last chemo and radiation treatments. Then she sent her home.

A couple of weeks later, she was asked to go back into the doctor’s office, who discharged her and referred her to another doctor, which she found odd, but assumed that he would be the one to tell her when the Big Day would be.

When she walked into his office, he asked, “Do you know why you’re here?”

“I’m assuming it is to sign my final papers and talk about the details for my funeral?”

He smiled, “Did your oncologist not tell you?”

She shook her head.

“You’re here because you’re cancer free.”

She, and everyone in her family and circle of friends were shocked. She asked the doctor, “Did they misdiagnose me or what happened?”

“No. You definitely were at end-stage breast cancer, but you went into what we consider spontaneous remission.”

When she told me the story, I asked her, “What did you do that was different?”

Her response didn’t surprise me, “I prayed.”

Clients often ask me which technique they should try or what I believe will work for them.

I’m of the belief that whatever resonates with you at the time is what you should go for and when it no longer resonates, try something different.

I’ve channeled Reiki onto clients without their knowledge just to test the effectiveness, and they always say that my treatments feel different.

Years ago, a client was completely unaware that I used a bit of Reiki at the end of her treatments to help prevent her ankle from contracting as a result of MS.

One day, I was too tired to do Reiki on her, so I din't do it, thinking she'd never really know anyway, but she brought it up, “Please don’t forget my bubble”.

I was shocked, “You know about the bubble?” (I would place an energy bubble around her ankle that I intended to last between treatments, but never told her about it).

“Yes, and no one else has ever done that for me. It helps to keep my ankle from contracting, so please don’t forget my bubble. I feel it as I walk home and throughout my days until the next time I see you.”

I've reached a point where I can see the energetic tools that I use during energy balancing sessions, the patterns that they make around a person's body and through them. Some of these are energy spheres, some are like a light scanning mechanism, and some are like a matrix that forms around a person. Each time I think I've seen every pattern possible, the Universe surprises me even more.

It’s important to note too, that we have the power to channel energy on ourselves. The problem is that society has been so conditioned to become dependent on others for our sense of power, that we believe we couldn’t possibly do it without someone guiding us.

Also, the placebo effect has a huge role in energy medicine. Belief and conviction matter in all energetic transfers.

· Astral Projection or Astral Travelling – the ability to project the astral body out of the physical body, which may happen automatically (many children do this naturally, and most people do it in their sleep), or you may do so during a deep meditative trance, or afterwards.

People who astral travel can visit different locations, cities, countries, planets, universes, realities, dimensions and then return to their material body. They may encounter all sorts of ‘beings’ in their journeys, some of which you want to avoid and some of which you’ll want to know how to deal with if you encounter them.

You can absolutely learn to astral project or astral travel, but I wouldn’t recommend it for the novice in energy education.

It’s best to learn to develop other gifts before you attempt astral traveling. You must know how to ground yourself, protect your energy, and most importantly, have respect for the process, for others and for the quantum field.

If, however, you are still curious about the subject, the book, "The Astral Projection Guidebook - Mastering the Art of Astral Travel", by psychic medium, Erin Pavlina, is a great resource.

· Remote Viewing - can be considered similar to astral projection, where the viewer literally observes events and/or people in a totally different location from their own, although remote viewers have been used by military organizations worldwide.

I was first introduced to remote viewing 30 years ago by a great-aunt, who had a Ph.D in physics, and was also psychic. She worked on top secret projects by the U.S. Military.

The actual remote viewing technique involves the use of specific coordinates for the viewers to locate and report on what they observed. The Monroe Institute is probably one of the best known centres for remote viewing training, but there are others who teach remote viewing, such as David Moorehouse, the author of the book, "Psychic Warrior" about his experience working as a remote viewer for the U.S. Government.

· Divination – tools used to open communication channels with spirits, guides and your higher self, as well as open the client’s energetic filed to be able to read information from it.

Divination tools vary from culture to culture and can include tarot and oracle cards, astrology, tea/coffee reading, palm reading, sea shells, runes, crystal balls, crystals, numerology, and burning herbs, just to name just a few.

Every tool is different and is used to enable access into the client’s energetic field and/or facilitate insight or communicate with spiritual guides.

No one way is better than another, but rather what works for the reader and what they’ve connected with as their method of facilitation.

· Automatic Writing – the ability to ask a question from spirits, guides, other beings and your higher-self and write down the answers as they are given (telepathically) without the intent to answer them yourself.

·Dowsing – the ability to find water using dowsing (metal) rods; however, the dowsing rods can also be used to identify the perimeters of energetic fields, where they start and where they end around a person.