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Love. Career. Finances. Work. Relationships. Past. Present. Future. Past Lives. Physical Symptoms. Balance Your Energy. Heal. Connect With Loved Ones. Develop Your Intuitive Abilities. Overcome Limiting Beliefs. Heal Your Pain. Improve Self-Confidence. Say 'Good-bye' to Fears. Learn to Relax Anywhere, Anytime.


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Psychic Medium Gaby, Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master, CST, Sound Healing, CCH

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Are you looking for clarity?
Want to balance your energy?
Ready to overcome limiting beliefs?
Want to improve your self-confidence?
Do you want to heal your pain?
Do you want to learn how to relax?
Would you like to conquer your fears?
Ready to change your life?

“…It was such a delight to meet you! The work we did together helped me enormously and continued to have an effect on me well into the next day. On Friday night, I had the most powerful dream I have ever had in my life. I had visitations from my Father, Mother and sister Mary and the Father of my child. Also, I feel that my intuitive senses have expanded since we met.  Thank you again for the healing and intuitive guidance I received from you. I would highly recommend you, not only for your intuitive gifts, but your integrity. In addition, you radiate serenity and kindness."


With love and light,

Sine (Ottawa)