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Would you like to clear unconscious blocks, limiting beliefs and/or negative emotions associated with the past in minutes? Yes, it's possible.

Rapid Brain Recoding is a solution-focused protocol that incorporates aspects of hypnosis, NLP, Quantum Linguistics, Energy Psychology, Process Healing, meditation, and other energy techniques into a simple, painless, fast, safe, gentle, powerful, results-focused, private, talk-less protocol, based on neuroscience (proven neuroplasticity and re-wiring of the brain), that accesses the Superconscious mind to neutralize emotions, fears, self-sabotaging behaviours and more, and transform them into wisdom to facilitate life satisfaction. Then we use meditations to reinforce new empowering behaviours. The results are measurable and lasting.


During a Rapid Brain Recoding session, you don't have to go into trance or talk at all.  As a client, you simply relax, close your eyes and observe (in person or online), while the facilitator communicates with the Superconscious mind and gives it commands to neutralize events or emotions.


The best part is that it can be done privately from the comfort of your home or office from anywhere in the world online. All you need is a computer/laptop, headphones, and a comfortable chair.

The sessions can also take place in a group setting and maintain privacy, because you don't have to say the 'problem' or 'emotion' out loud.


This protocol is different form other techniques, because it's fast and we are able to group several events or emotions associated with one 'problem' or 'issue' or emotion and neutralize them safely in the Superconscious mind, as well as physiologically, energetically (Quantum Field) and anything else related to the an event or emotion in the past, so they don’t affect your present reality or future. All you're left with, is the wisdom from the event.

What this means is that we can achieve faster, long-lasting results, with new connections that are formed in the brain, which allow for new behaviours to be developed easily.

The protocol was developed originally by Psychologist, Gary A. Flint, Ph.D (Process Healing Method) and adapted for use in coaching applications by Colette Streicher,  Reg. Psychotherapist (M.A. in Social Work) from the MAP Coaching Institute, who trained Chris Duncan from Magnetic Mind Coaching.

This video shows how the brain re-wires itself during a recode session by Colette Streicher. Click on the video screen.


However, 'problems' aren't usually one dimensional, so other issues may come up during the process, which is why one session is not recommended, and new empowering beliefs and behaviours must be reinforced with meditations (for you to do at home) and action steps for new beliefs and behaviours to become permanent.

Consultations are packaged in groups of 5 or 10, lasting 1 hour each.

The protocol is designed to empower you to use the technique on your own when you need it.

We also empower you to manifest your future by guiding you to design a success-driven action plan for achieving your future goals, faster and easier.

Brain Rewiring During Recode



"It's amazing how effective it was! It’s like I was walking around with this pebble in my shoe, then after the recoding session, the pebble was gone! The gnawing worries, anxiety and criticism I would have to fight off was suddenly gone, amazing! Freeing up energy to work on things I always planned to do, but never did. The procrastination is gone and I am now living the life I dreamed for myself. Thank you, Gaby for the sessions!" 

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Online or In-Person Private Sessions

Online or In-Person Group Sessions

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Magnetic Mind Coaching

Brain re-coding is a simple, safe, fast, powerful and talk-less protocol, where the facilitator communicates with your Superconscious mind through the use of metaphors, and gives it commands to find and neutralize past traumas or emotions, safely, painlessly and effectively with permanent results.

You, as a client, simply close your eyes and observe the shifts in your body and mind that are natural and uplifting, and give the facilitator feedback throughout the process. You remain fully awake, aware and in complete control. The session can take place online from anywhere in the world, or in-person.

It is simple, but incredibly powerful and effective. A huge advantage of this protocol, is that it can get to the source event/emotion/trauma and deactivate group or cluster events associated to the emotion or trauma, before or after, to achieve faster results and neutralizes the events from the whole body, not just the mind.


Negative emotions can be transformed into positive emotions and traumatic memories dissipate to a point where they no longer affect us negatively. Then, the facilitator guides you in the process of selecting and reinforcing new empowering beliefs.


The bonus is that the 'neutralization' occurs  mentally, emotionally, physiologically and energetically (Quantum Field), and anything else associated with the original event. 

The only side-effect is relaxation, 'Aha' moments, a feeling of improved satisfaction, and positive and desired changes in behaviour. 


  • overcome fears like flying, driving, public speaking, sales, sports performance, being visible, social situations, asking for a raise or promotion, being assertive, animals, enclosed spaces, etc.

  • neutralize negative emotions (grief, resentment, anger, fear, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy, worry, blame, revenge, etc.)

  • stop bad habits (nail biting, fidgeting, procrastination, inaction, etc.)

  • manage stress/anxiety

  • stop smoking 

  • shed unhealthy weight & stop cravings

  • bridge your ability to forgive

  • Get out of 'victim' mode and into 'warrior' mode

  • relax anywhere/anytime

  • enhance the quality of your sleep

  • raise self-esteem/confidence

  • be a better communicator

  • remove speech stammers

  • improve memory & concentration

  • achieve DREAM goals

  • improve sales/sports performance

  • decrease headaches & pain

  • identify and deactivate limiting beliefs & the root of self-sabotaging behaviours

  • eliminate writer's block

  • end negative thinking patterns & self-judgement, self-criticism

  • regain control of your life

  • developing a sense of inner peace

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