Do you want to get clarity about specific areas of your life? 

As a psychic medium and medical intuitive, Gaby has been aware of her psychic abilities as far as she can remember. As a child, she often saw events before they occurred in dreams or as holographic flash-like movies in front of her. Many of her family members and ancestors also shared intuitive gifts.


One of her mentors early in life, was a great-aunt, whom was not just psychic, but also a Ph.D in physics (A.I.), and taught her the science behind energy, energy medicine and psychic abilities.

Gaby's gifts have expanded over the years and include psychic abilities (seeing a person's past or past lives, present and/or future), clairvoyance (receiving information from people, objects, places, images, food, etc.) clairsentience (senses, feelings, emotions),  clairaudience /mediumship (communicating with spirits and helping them cross-over), claircognizance (knowing information without prior exposure to it), telekinesis (the manipulation of matter with energy), medical intuition, energy balancing, seeing auras, and more. 

Gaby reads energy fields by simply sharing the same space as a client, looking at a picture (on-line readings), or walking into a room without the need for tools, such as palm reading, coffee/tea leaf reading, tarot/oracle cards, etc., although she'll often use them to help the client relax for a better reading.

However, her preferred method for readings is by sitting across from a client with her eyes closed, where she can tune-in to the client's energy aura either in person or online. This method allows her to get in touch with her higher self, spirit guides, or those of the client. 


When she tunes into people's symptoms, she's able to physically feel their past or current symptoms as they experienced them, clear energetic cysts (blockages), channel universal energy (Qi), and use a series of energy balancing techniques (singing bowls, tuning forks, shakers, voice, Qi Gong/Chi Kung, Reiki, etc.) to help balance the client's energy. (Please note that she does not diagnose disease, nor make recommendations on medication usage. Energy balancing does not replace assessment or treatment by medical professionals. Whenever possible, recommendations are made for complimentary therapies, but proper testing, medical diagnosis and treatment is highly recommended and the responsibility of the client).

With regards to communicating with spirits, it is important to understand that spirits co-exist with us just about everywhere and for the most part, they're there to guide and protect us, so there's no reason to be afraid of them. They may or may not choose to come forward in a mediumship reading.

Also, readings are meant to lend insight and clarity, as opposed to determine a person's future, because each of us is the master of our destiny based on the actions we take, and every decision we make will either take us closer or further apart from our goals.

Without getting too technical about the quantum field and infinite parallels, intuitives are able to 'see' information based on the path (parallel) that you're currently on, but you have the power to change that path through the decisions you make.

Please note that Gaby prefers to have as little information or no information at all prior to a reading, so as not to interfere with what may come up during the reading, and the message you receive is the message you need to hear, which may or may not match what you want to hear. 

Also, all readings take place from a place of unconditional Universal love, which means that Gaby is not the type of reader that will promise to take away curses, let alone put curses on people, etc. She can, however, show you ways on how tor protect, manage and revitalize your energy and spaces.

Her approach to readings is always about empowering the client to tap into their own intuitive guidance and power, so they don't have to depend on others to make decisions.


Lastly, Gaby's policy on readings is that if she can't read you, there's no charge.  Yes, sometimes this happens and if it does, she can refer you to someone else.

Please note that all bookings for readings must be pre-paid via e-transfer to: or via the website in order to confirm your booking. 

Listen to this podcast of Listen with Lorie (@listenwithlorie) about mediumship, psychic abilities and my empowering approach to intuition by clicking on the image below

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I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how appreciative I am for your reading. It was so affirming for me!  It’s great to know that I’m on the right path. I would also like to thank you for all the self care tips. I will definitely start the twice daily meditations and epsom salt baths for clearing. You were a warm and welcoming and it was just a great all around experience.

Thanks very much, 


"I took a chance with Gaby after her picture really stood out for me. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. Gaby knew about certain ailments (most people close to me don’t even know about) and gave me a few suggestions to help. Not only was she on-point but she was easy to talk to and made me laugh during our meeting. She even emailed me the next day regarding my questions about someone close to me, and provided me with a recording to help me relax/combat anxiety. You won’t be disappointed with Gaby ♥️ Thank you Gaby!"

S.H. - Toronto

“…It was such a delight to meet you! The work we did together helped me enormously and continued to have an effect on me well into the next day... I feel that my intuitive senses have expanded since we met.  Thank you again for the healing and intuitive guidance I received from you. I would highly recommend you, not only for your intuitive gifts, but your integrity. In addition, you radiate serenity and kindness."


With love and light,

Sine (Ottawa)

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