Seeing Auras 101

Have you ever wondered how to see your aura or that of others? Did you know that we all have the ability to do so, and it's easy to learn? Would you like to open yourself to the magic of your inner power? 

During this introductory experiential workshop, you'll learn:
  • What energy is and how it works

  • Aura layers 

  • Aura Colours 

  • How to see your energy field, and the auras of everyone and everything else around you

  • How to feel your energy field and those of others

  • What affects your aura

  • How to protect your energy field

  • Energy hygiene techniques

  • Ways to maintain a state of balanced energy and a life of connection

Bonus: Receive a free ticket to a Rapid Brain Recoding Session to eliminate limiting beliefs, emotions, negative self-talk and increase your intuition.



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