Everything is composed of resonating/vibrational energy (electromagnetic energy), including the earth, plants, animals, humans, sound, light, inanimate objects, everything, and because of this, vibrations from sound can have positive or negative effects on our own vibrational energy. 

Many people wonder how sound therapy works. If you think of hearing other people's voices through a wall, for example, the reason you can hear them is because the sound waves travel through and around the walls; hence why "sound proofing" is often necessary to avoid sound transmission. Sound therapy works on the same principle, except the sound waves travel through a person's body (or animal, or plant) and can have a positive effect. 

Sound Therapy (music, song and chants) has been used for thousands of years by ancient civilizations and aboriginal cultures throughout the world, from China to Japan, Africa, North, Central and South America, to Tibet, India, Nepal, Europe, and Gregorian chants by Catholic monks, etc. These societies recognized the healing power of sound early on and continue to use it today, with the most powerful sound being that of the human voice (chanting).

Many of today's diagnostic and treatment technologies are based on the principles of resonating energy. In the world of physics, there have been many research studies done on the effects that sound and light waves have on objects and living beings.

It is understood that when our energetic field is not vibrating in sync, dis-ease may present itself. Sound therapy allows the vibrational field to return to harmony and promote the body's ability to heal itself.

Sound Therapy can take place with several tools, including the human voice (specific sounds), tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal or quartz sound bowls, chimes, drums, maracas/shakers, and other musical instruments and sounds.


Other methods like diaphragmatic breathing, shaking and guided meditation can be used during a session. The client remains fully dressed on a treatment table (or on a chair when doing online sessions) and relaxes for the duration of the session. ​

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